The New Video Tab from X: Reinforcing a Video-First Approach

The New Video Tab from X: Reinforcing a Video-First Approach

X, the popular social media platform, is embracing a “video-first platform” approach, and to further reinforce this strategy, it is introducing a new media tab. This upcoming feature aims to make it easier for users to discover the latest video content within the app. By analyzing the current trends and user preferences, X is strategically adapting its platform to meet the demands for video consumption.

X is working on integrating a new video tab, expected to be located in the middle icon of the lower function bar. This move indicates that X is prioritizing video content over other features such as Grok, its AI chatbot. While it is unclear whether Grok has failed to captivate users, the decision to introduce a video tab suggests that X believes video will garner higher usage. This aligns with insights from Twitter, revealing that tweets with videos generate 10 times more engagement compared to non-video posts. Furthermore, X itself shared that 80% of user sessions now include video consumption. With over 100 million people watching full-screen vertical videos on X every day, a stronger focus on video appears to be a logical step to enhance user engagement.

The addition of a video tab raises questions about how X plans to improve the user experience and entice users to spend more time on the app. One likely approach is to prioritize X’s new slate of original content, encouraging more people to watch and acting as a signal to other video creators on how to generate reach within the app. Currently, discovering live chats and video live streams on X is challenging due to the absence of a central linkage. However, introducing a dedicated tab for video content could address this issue effectively. Previous attempts by Twitter to introduce tabs for Spaces and Moments did not yield the desired results, but video content may have a different impact on user engagement. Integrating real-time video live streams into the video tab could significantly enhance in-app engagement.

By making it easier for users to discover and engage with video content, X aims to maximize its in-app engagement rates, especially considering the high levels of user interaction with video content, as reported by X itself. This shift towards a video-first approach is not only driven by increasing user engagement but also aligned with X’s goal of selling more video ads. To achieve this, X needs to showcase the best video content within the app more effectively.

The transition to a video-first platform requires X to address the challenge of content discovery. While the addition of a video tab is a step in the right direction, X should explore additional solutions to ensure a seamless user experience. Enhancing content curation algorithms, introducing personalized video recommendations, and refining video search functionality are all aspects that X could consider to fulfill users’ diverse video preferences. By continually evolving and adapting to users’ needs, X can maintain its position as a leading social media platform.

X’s decision to introduce a new video tab highlights its commitment to a video-first platform and its aim to enhance user engagement. With the increasing popularity of video content and the impressive engagement rates observed, X recognizes the need to prioritize and improve video discovery within the app. By leveraging this new video tab, X can empower content creators, maximize engagement, and explore monetization opportunities through video ads. As X continues to evolve its platform, users can expect more exciting developments that cater to their video consumption preferences.

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