The Next Doom Game: The Dark Ages

The Next Doom Game: The Dark Ages

The upcoming Doom game, rumored to be titled The Dark Ages, is said to take a different approach compared to its predecessor, Doom Eternal. Instead of the futuristic and otherworldly settings we have come to expect, The Dark Ages is rumored to transport the Doom Slayer back to a medieval world. Drawing inspiration from Evil Dead: Army of Darkness’ necronomicon, players can expect to battle hellspawn in a medieval-inspired Doom world. This unique setting adds an interesting twist to the gameplay, as we can envision the Doom Slayer facing off against minions clad in swords and armor.

The development of Doom: The Dark Ages has reportedly been in progress for over four years at Id Software. The game was previously known as Doom: Year Zero, as mentioned in a document from 2020 that surfaced during Microsoft’s legal dispute with the Federal Trade Commission. The official reveal of The Dark Ages is set to happen next week, according to a recent report from Insider Gaming. Fans are eagerly anticipating this revelation and are hopeful for more details about the gameplay, storyline, and overall direction of the game.

With limited information available about Doom: The Dark Ages, fans are left to speculate and imagine what the game will have in store. The prospect of the Doom Slayer wielding his iconic Crucible blade against medieval foes is both thrilling and intriguing. The juxtaposition of ancient weaponry and advanced technology promises an exciting gameplay experience for fans of the franchise. Additionally, the idea of ripping and tearing through enemies with an arsenal of guns adds an extra layer of excitement to the anticipation surrounding the game.

As the official reveal of Doom: The Dark Ages approaches, fans are counting down the days until they can get a glimpse of what the game has to offer. Set to take place on Sunday, June 9th, the unveiling of The Dark Ages is expected to provide more insight into the game’s setting, characters, and overall gameplay experience. With high expectations and a loyal fan base, Doom: The Dark Ages has the potential to redefine the franchise and offer players a fresh and engaging take on the beloved series.


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