The Partnership Between OpenAI and Common Sense Media: Promoting Safe and Responsible AI Use for Teens

The Partnership Between OpenAI and Common Sense Media: Promoting Safe and Responsible AI Use for Teens

OpenAI and Common Sense Media have joined forces in a new initiative aimed at educating teens on the safe and responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI). This collaboration seeks to develop AI guidelines and educational materials that cater to the needs of children, educators, and parents. By working together, OpenAI and Common Sense Media aim to ensure that AI technologies, particularly OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, do not have unintended negative consequences for users.

The primary objective of this partnership is to make AI tools available to teens and individuals using them as part of their educational experience. Both OpenAI and Common Sense Media understand the importance of ensuring that technology is harnessed responsibly and safely. By addressing concerns related to AI fostering a love of learning among youth, respecting human and children’s rights, and preventing the spread of misinformation, the partnership intends to create a framework that supports safe AI usage.

To achieve its goals, the collaboration plans to develop comprehensive education materials and guidelines. These resources will serve as a valuable tool for families, educators, and teens, enabling them to navigate the world of AI confidently. By curating “family-friendly” GPT-branded large language models that adhere to Common Sense’s rating and standards, OpenAI and Common Sense Media aim to provide users with reliable and trustworthy AI systems.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman emphasized the significance of responsible AI programs during the Common Sense event in San Francisco. He expressed his hope that the partnership would benefit individuals without access to AI, aligning with OpenAI’s mission to make helpful AI freely available. By collaborating with organizations like Common Sense Media, OpenAI strives to address potential risks associated with AI technology while maximizing its positive impact on users.

AI technology, while offering numerous benefits, also presents risks and challenges. Craig Newmark Philanthropies, the philanthropic arm of Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, has contributed $3 million to support the Common Sense AI and education initiative. Newmark highlighted concerns about the misuse of AI by bad actors, who can manipulate information ecosystems and contribute to societal discontent. Addressing these concerns requires ongoing efforts to modify large language models (LLMs) to assist educators and teens effectively.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman envisions a future in which personalized AI becomes accessible to every teen and adult. By customizing LLMs for educational purposes, such as learning about science or biology, AI can play a significant role in enhancing educational experiences. Altman acknowledged that the full potential of AI usage is not yet known, stating, “I don’t think we know yet exactly how people are going to want to use it.”

As elections loom, concerns about deepfakes and their potential to confuse people have arisen. Altman acknowledged the risks posed by AI-generated images but expressed confidence in people’s ability to discern authenticity. He emphasized that individuals have become more sophisticated and discerning when it comes to assessing the credibility of visual content. OpenAI is actively engaged in efforts to mitigate the potential misuse of AI by bad actors and has established a robust response system.

The partnership between OpenAI and Common Sense Media marks a significant step towards promoting the safe and responsible use of AI for teens. By developing AI guidelines, curating family-friendly language models, and providing comprehensive education materials, both organizations aim to empower individuals to navigate the AI landscape with confidence. This collaboration highlights the importance of addressing potential risks associated with AI while embracing the countless opportunities it offers. As AI continues to evolve, OpenAI and Common Sense Media’s commitment to safety and education will play a vital role in shaping the responsible use of AI technologies.


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