The Philippines SEC Orders Google and Apple to Remove Binance from App Stores

The Philippines SEC Orders Google and Apple to Remove Binance from App Stores

The Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken a decisive step in ordering Google and Apple to remove the cryptocurrency exchange Binance from their respective app stores. This action was prompted by concerns raised by the regulator about the security of funds belonging to Filipino investors who have access to Binance sites and apps.

Violation of Securities Laws

The SEC Chairperson, Emilio Aquino, has accused Binance of offering unregistered securities to Filipinos and operating as an unregistered broker, which is a clear violation of the country’s securities laws. This move is aimed at curbing the proliferation of illegal activities by Binance in the Philippines and safeguarding the interests of the investing public.

Aquino emphasized the importance of blocking Binance from the Google and Apple app stores as a preventative measure to protect the economy from the detrimental effects of its operations in the country. The National Telecommunications Commission had also previously moved to block access to Binance websites in the Philippines, further underscoring the regulatory concerns about the platform.

The SEC has issued a warning to Filipino investors with holdings on Binance, urging them to either close their positions immediately or transfer their crypto assets to licensed exchanges within the Philippines. This proactive approach is aimed at mitigating the risks associated with unregulated and potentially fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency space.

Legal Troubles for Binance

In addition to the regulatory action taken by the Philippines SEC, Binance has faced a series of legal challenges globally. The recent appointment of a new CEO, Richard Teng, followed a $4.3 billion fine imposed on the company for alleged money laundering violations. Former CEO Changpeng Zhao was charged with violating the Bank Secrecy Act, highlighting the severity of the legal issues faced by Binance.

Overall, the directive to remove Binance from app stores underscores the regulatory scrutiny faced by cryptocurrency exchanges operating in various jurisdictions. The focus on compliance with securities laws and protecting investors from potential scams reflects the broader trend of regulatory enforcement in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape. Filipino investors are urged to exercise caution and conduct due diligence before engaging with cryptocurrency platforms to ensure the safety of their investments.


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