The Struggles of Getting Wuthering Waves to Run on Steam Deck

The Struggles of Getting Wuthering Waves to Run on Steam Deck

Attempting to get the new RPG Wuthering Waves to run smoothly on the Steam Deck has proven to be quite a challenge. While it can be downloaded from the Epic Games Store and the game’s launcher can be brought up using Proton GE, actually launching the game itself seems to be an insurmountable task. Despite trying various software combinations, compatibility tools, and delving deep into the installation folders, the game simply refuses to boot properly.

After numerous failed attempts, it seems that the author has come to terms with the fact that getting Wuthering Waves to work on the Steam Deck may not be possible at this time. This admission comes with a sense of defeat, especially considering the efforts that have been made to overcome the challenges faced with running the game on SteamOS.

While the prospect of running Wuthering Waves on the Steam Deck using Waydroid may be a viable option for some, the process is complex and involves a significant amount of command line work. It may require a great deal of patience and perseverance to successfully get the game up and running on the device. Alternatively, waiting for potential fixes to Proton or the game itself may be a more straightforward approach for those unwilling to tackle the complexities of using Waydroid.

The author expresses a sense of frustration and bewilderment at the difficulties encountered in trying to run Wuthering Waves on the Steam Deck. Despite the ongoing efforts of Valve and other developers to improve compatibility with SteamOS, there are still instances where certain games may not function as intended on the platform. This serves as a reminder that not all games are optimized for the Steam Deck and that users may encounter unforeseen challenges when attempting to play certain titles.

Acknowledging the limitations and struggles faced in trying to get Wuthering Waves to run on the Steam Deck, the author leaves room for the possibility of others finding a solution where they have fallen short. By publicly admitting defeat, the author opens the door for others to potentially step in and offer a resolution to the problem. This humbling experience serves as a reminder that even the most experienced users may encounter challenges that require outside assistance or expertise.

The journey to get Wuthering Waves to play on the Steam Deck has been fraught with difficulties and roadblocks. Despite the best efforts and ingenuity of the author, the game remains elusive in terms of launching properly on the platform. Whether through alternative solutions like Waydroid or by patiently waiting for updates and fixes, the struggle to get the game to run smoothly continues. The author’s candid admission of defeat opens the door for others to potentially find a solution, highlighting the collaborative nature of troubleshooting in the world of gaming and tech.


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