The Survival of EA’s Star Wars Strategy Game Amidst Layoffs

The Survival of EA’s Star Wars Strategy Game Amidst Layoffs

The recent mass layoffs at EA raised concerns about the fate of various projects within the company, including the upcoming Star Wars strategy game. However, the developers of this game have confirmed that the project has survived the layoffs and is still in progress. This confirmation comes in the wake of the cancellation of a first-person Star Wars shooter from Respawn, the studio collaborating on the strategy game. Despite the challenges faced by the gaming industry, the developers reassured fans that their game remains unaffected by the recent turmoil.

The untitled Star Wars strategy game is being developed by Bit Reactor, a studio founded by former XCOM and Sid Meier’s Civilization developers from Firaxis. Led by ex-XCOM art director Greg Foertsch, Bit Reactor has partnered with Respawn to work on this new title. The collaboration with Respawn, known for titles like Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor, has brought a wealth of experience in the Star Wars universe to the project. This partnership has raised hopes for an innovative and engaging strategy game set in the iconic Star Wars universe.

The recent layoffs at EA, which affected nearly 700 employees, raised concerns about the future of various projects and studios within the company. The closure of single-player Battlefield studio Ridgeline and the cancellation of Respawn’s Star Wars FPS were part of a larger shift towards EA’s own brands, away from licensed IPs. Despite these changes, Bit Reactor’s Star Wars strategy game was deemed “unaffected” by the developers. The team’s strong relationships within Respawn helped shield the project from the upheaval caused by the layoffs.

As fans eagerly await more information about the upcoming Star Wars strategy game, Bit Reactor has reassured them that a first look will be revealed “as soon as it’s ready.” The developers have ambitious plans to revolutionize the strategy genre, drawing inspiration from classics like Baldur’s Gate 3. Greg Foertsch, the studio’s director, expressed a desire to push the boundaries of strategy games and create a compelling experience that goes beyond simple emulation of existing titles. With a focus on rich storytelling and immersive art, Bit Reactor aims to carve out a unique space for their Star Wars strategy game in the gaming industry.

Despite the challenges faced by the gaming industry and the recent layoffs at EA, Bit Reactor’s Star Wars strategy game remains on track for release. The dedication and passion of the development team, coupled with their strong partnerships within Respawn, have ensured that the project continues to thrive. As fans eagerly anticipate more details about this innovative strategy game, Bit Reactor’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre promises an exciting and immersive experience set in the beloved Star Wars universe.


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