The Tireless Fight for Justice: Sophie Rollet’s Battle Against Goodyear

The Tireless Fight for Justice: Sophie Rollet’s Battle Against Goodyear

Sophie Rollet, a former childcare worker from France, embarked on a tireless battle against US auto equipment group Goodyear after the tragic death of her husband, Jean-Paul, in a collision linked to the company’s tires. For over a decade, Rollet dedicated herself to investigating the incidents and holding Goodyear accountable for the faulty tires that caused numerous accidents.

As a 50-year-old mother of three, Rollet spent countless hours in front of her computer, meticulously collecting data, clues, and articles related to the accidents caused by a specific model of Goodyear tires. Her relentless pursuit of justice led her to form a strong connection between the tire model, Goodyear Marathon LHS II, and multiple accidents in France and Europe.

After facing initial closure of her husband’s case, Rollet filed a complaint for involuntary manslaughter in 2016 and presented her findings to the prosecutors in Besancon. An expert’s analysis confirmed a manufacturing defect in the tire, which fueled Rollet’s case and drew comparisons to famous activist Erin Brockovich. With added cases of similar accidents being probed, media coverage and a documentary shed light on Goodyear’s alleged cover-up of tire defects.

In a significant turn of events, authorities raided Goodyear sites in Europe, including its Brussels headquarters and the factory producing the tires in question in Luxembourg. The former childcare worker’s relentless efforts paid off, leading to investigations and uncovering internal documents suggesting that Goodyear was aware of the defects but tried to conceal them.

Despite feeling a sense of achievement and relief, Rollet expressed frustration at the imperfections of justice and the inability to identify all victims after a decade. She acknowledged the need to step back from the case, highlighting the fine line between determination and obstinacy. Currently training to become an accountant, Rollet continues to advocate for road safety by sharing her story in schools and businesses, reflecting on the impact of her relentless pursuit of justice.

Sophie Rollet’s unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of justice against Goodyear exemplify the power of individual activism in holding corporations accountable for their actions. Through years of dedication and investigation, Rollet’s efforts not only shed light on tire defects but also triggered legal action and investigations into the company’s practices. Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of perseverance and advocacy in the face of adversity.


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