The Transformation of Bloodborne Kart: From Fan Game to Original Creation

The Transformation of Bloodborne Kart: From Fan Game to Original Creation

When news broke that the fan game Bloodborne Kart was in development, gamers around the world rejoiced at the unique combination of the gothic horror action RPG and a classic PSone-era kart racer. However, it seems that the excitement has been short-lived. The developers recently announced that Sony has contacted them, requesting the removal of all branding related to Bloodborne Kart. Consequently, the game will now undergo a rebranding and be released with a different name. Although there will be a slight delay, fans can still look forward to experiencing this one-of-a-kind creation.

In a surprising turn of events, Sony intervened in the development of Bloodborne Kart. Lead developer Lilith Walther shared the news on Twitter, stating that they “need to scrub the branding off” due to Sony’s request. It appears that the use of copyrighted material and branding associated with the Bloodborne franchise has prompted this action. While disappointing for fans of the original concept, this development opens up a new opportunity for the developers to exercise their creativity and explore uncharted territory.

Despite the setback, Walther remains optimistic about the project’s future. She expressed her excitement for turning the game into an original creation where they have complete creative control. Walther had always anticipated this requirement from Sony and saw the possibility of transforming Bloodborne Kart into an independent game. This unexpected turn of events has now given her and her team the chance to make their mark on the gaming industry with an innovative and unique experience.

The concept of Bloodborne Kart has been circulating on the internet for several years, primarily through memes, fake images, and posts on Reddit. It was not until the release of Bloodborne PSX, a fanmade demake of the RPG, that Walther and her co-developers decided to bring this idea to life. Originally introduced in a brief announcement trailer, the game is now on the cusp of its release date of January 31st, as indicated by a trailer unveiled in October. While the delay may be disheartening for eager fans, it is important to remember the immense effort and dedication required to develop a game of this magnitude.

Bloodborne Kart, or whatever its new name may be, promises an array of features that will undoubtedly captivate players. The game will boast 12 racers, 16 maps, a single player campaign mode, boss fights, and local splitscreen multiplayer. This extensive list of elements demonstrates the developers’ commitment to delivering a memorable and engaging gaming experience. With such ambitious goals, it is clear that the game deserves to be recognized as its own entity, separate from its initial inspiration.

Awaiting the Transformation

Although fans may need to wait a bit longer than anticipated, the transformation of Bloodborne Kart from a fan game to an original creation will undoubtedly be worth it. The developers now have the opportunity to create something entirely new and unprecedented, imbuing the game with their own creative vision. As we eagerly anticipate the release of this rebranded masterpiece, let us celebrate the evolution of Bloodborne Kart and the ingenuity of its development team.


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