WhatsApp for iOS Introduces Event Creation Feature in Group Chats

WhatsApp for iOS Introduces Event Creation Feature in Group Chats

WhatsApp for iOS is now offering users the ability to create events directly within group chats. This feature, initially seen in the beta version of the app for Android, is now available in the stable version of the iOS app.

The addition of the Event option in group chats enhances the overall user experience on WhatsApp for iPhone users. This feature allows users to seamlessly create events, add descriptions, set start times, and even include location information all within the chat group.

By simply tapping the “+” icon in the chat, users can access the activity menu and select the Event option. This streamlined process makes it easy for users to organize and manage events directly within the group chat interface.

Moreover, users also have the option to toggle the WhatsApp call link, enabling them to start a WhatsApp call at the beginning of the event. This integration enhances communication and collaboration among group members during events.

The Event creation feature is now available to all WhatsApp for iOS users, with Gadgets 360 staff members confirming its accessibility after updating to the latest version of the app. As with all new features, updates are typically rolled out gradually, so users may need to wait a few days before seeing the feature on their devices.

WhatsApp has recently introduced Meta AI, an artificial intelligence chatbot, to users in regions like India. Additionally, there are reports that the platform may offer users a choice between two AI models, Llama 3-70B and Llama 3-405B, for providing responses. However, the larger Llama 3-405B model has not yet been released to the public, hinting at further developments in AI integration on the platform.

The introduction of the Event creation feature in group chats on WhatsApp for iOS signals a step towards enhancing user engagement and collaboration within the app. With seamless event organization, integration with WhatsApp calls, and potential advancements in AI technology, WhatsApp continues to evolve to meet the needs of its diverse user base.

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