WhatsApp Introduces Interactive Stickers with Lottie Framework Support

WhatsApp Introduces Interactive Stickers with Lottie Framework Support

WhatsApp is stepping up its sticker game by introducing more interactive stickers with fluid motion, all thanks to the new Lottie framework support. The new development was initially spotted in a beta version of the WhatsApp for Android app back in February. However, it is now being widely rolled out with the latest stable update for both Android and iOS platforms.

Stickers will now have more dynamic animations, kicking off with the first sticker pack titled “I’m Just a Girl”. Users with the latest version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS platforms can enjoy the new feature. If the sticker pack is visible in the WhatsApp sticker store, it means that the feature has been enabled for them. With the Lottie framework support, stickers on WhatsApp will become more dynamic and engaging.

Unlike the traditional WebP format used for sticker packs, the Lottie framework allows for more fluid animations. This framework is based on motion graphic design software like Adobe After Effects and ensures native rendering on mobile devices. Stickers created with Lottie are vector-based, allowing developers to scale animations according to their preference without compromising on resolution.

The “I’m Just a Girl” sticker pack, developed by BUCK, is the first official sticker pack to be built using the Lottie framework. It features stickers with fluid animations, setting it apart from other packs available in the store. Despite its enhanced animations, the sticker pack only occupies 228KB of space.

In addition to the Lottie framework support, Meta Platforms (WhatsApp’s parent company) has announced the expansion of Meta AI to India. This artificial intelligence chatbot, powered by Meta’s Llama 3 large language model (LLM), was initially introduced in April. However, it is now being rolled out to Indian users and will be available on apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook in the near future.

The introduction of interactive stickers with Lottie framework support adds a new dimension to the WhatsApp messaging experience. Users can now enjoy more dynamic animations and fluid motion in their stickers, making conversations more engaging and entertaining. Additionally, the expansion of Meta AI to India brings advanced AI capabilities to users in the country, enhancing the overall user experience across Meta Platforms’ suite of apps.

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