WhatsApp Introduces New Group Safety Feature

WhatsApp Introduces New Group Safety Feature

WhatsApp has recently launched a new feature aimed at improving the safety of its group messaging platform. This feature is designed to provide users with contextual information when they are added to a group by an unknown user.

The new feature involves the introduction of context cards for group chats. These cards will be displayed to users after they have been added to a group by someone who is not in their contacts. The context cards will contain information about the group, including the name of the user who added them and the name of the group creator.

WhatsApp has started rolling out these group context cards globally. Users will now be informed when they have been “added by a non-contact” to a group. This additional information is intended to provide users with more context about the group they have been added to.

In addition to displaying relevant information about the group, the context cards also include safety tools for users. If a user finds themselves in a group they do not want to be part of, they have the option to report problematic content. Furthermore, users also have the option to exit the group if they do not wish to continue being a part of the conversation.

WhatsApp had previously introduced a privacy setting that allowed users to prevent strangers from adding them to groups. This setting, found under Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups, gives users control over who can add them to groups. If a user has this setting enabled, they will receive an invite to join a group whenever someone outside their contact list tries to add them.

WhatsApp’s new group safety feature is a step in the right direction towards enhancing the overall user experience and security of its messaging platform. By providing users with more context about the groups they are added to and giving them the ability to control their group interactions, WhatsApp is making strides in improving the safety and privacy of its users.

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