WhatsApp introduces new update for iOS users

WhatsApp introduces new update for iOS users

WhatsApp has recently released a new update for all iOS users, bringing about a minor interface change and adding a new feature to its video calling functionality. This update, which was rolled out globally on Monday, is now available for all iPhone users to download from the App Store. The new version includes redesigned interface elements and green buttons, enhancing the overall user experience.

One of the most noticeable changes that users will see after updating WhatsApp is the addition of green coloured buttons and notification icons across the application. This new design is consistent with the platform’s recent experiments and has also been introduced to Android users in the past weeks. The buttons for new messages, groups, contacts, and communities, as well as unread message notifications, will now be displayed in a vibrant shade of green. This colour scheme, which was previously associated with night mode, has now been extended to light mode as well.

In addition to the visual changes, WhatsApp has also introduced redesigned icons throughout the app. These new icons, which were initially tested in beta updates, are now being rolled out to all users. This move aims to create a more consistent user experience across different platforms, including Android, iOS, and web interfaces. By standardizing the icons, WhatsApp hopes to make navigation more intuitive for its users.

Furthermore, the latest WhatsApp update includes enhanced audio support for the screen-sharing feature during video calls. Previously, participants were only able to hear external audio captured through the microphone when someone shared their screen. With the new update, users can now hear both audio channels simultaneously, improving the overall screen-sharing experience. This feature was recently implemented on the Android platform as well.

Overall, WhatsApp’s new update for iOS brings a mix of visual enhancements and functional improvements to the messaging platform. With the introduction of green buttons, redesigned icons, and enhanced audio support for screen sharing, WhatsApp aims to provide a more cohesive and user-friendly experience for its iPhone users. Users can expect to receive the update gradually over the coming weeks as it is rolled out in batches to all supported iPhone models.

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