X Expands In-App Job Listings for Personal Profiles

X Expands In-App Job Listings for Personal Profiles

X has recently announced a major expansion of its in-app job listings, allowing all X Premium subscribers in the U.S. to display open roles on their personal profiles as well as on business pages. This move represents a significant shift in strategy for X, which has traditionally only offered job listings to businesses through its Verification for Organizations package. Now, individuals can also advertise job ads for their companies, thereby increasing the reach of X’s professional services. This development aligns with X’s broader goal of becoming an all-in-one app, venturing into various sectors, including competition with YouTube, Twitch, and Messenger.

Challenging LinkedIn

By introducing X Hiring, X aims to directly compete with LinkedIn, and so far, it has shown promise. Currently, there are over 750,000 job listings advertised on the X app. It’s a logical move for X, as Twitter has long served as a platform facilitating business connections and collaborations. With the addition of job listings, X is capitalizing on this existing user behavior, allowing brands to maximize their candidate search through in-stream listings. However, the true measure of success lies in the number of roles filled through X Hiring. While brands paying to use the app will likely post their jobs, it remains to be seen whether this new feature will significantly drive recruitment.

Increasing Job Advertisements

With personal accounts now able to list job ads on X, it’s anticipated that the number of job advertisements on the platform will increase rapidly. This increase in job ads can be seen as an indicator of user interest. It will be interesting to see how X leverages this growing trend and further builds on it. While X has not yet released specific statistics on the success of job ads, it is reasonable to assume that the figures will expand in the coming weeks as more people list roles on their personal accounts. However, the true measure of success will ultimately be the number of positions filled through X Hiring.

X’s expansion of in-app job listings to personal profiles represents a strategic move to tap into the recruitment market. By challenging LinkedIn and offering job listings to individuals, X is aiming to become a one-stop app for professional networking and career growth. While the success of this initiative remains to be seen, it is clear that X is actively working towards diversifying its platform and becoming a major player across multiple industries. As the number of job ads on X increases, it will be interesting to observe how X continues to evolve and adapt its offerings to best meet the needs of its users.

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