YouTube Introduces New ‘Hype’ Feature to Support Small Content Creators

YouTube Introduces New ‘Hype’ Feature to Support Small Content Creators

YouTube recently announced the testing of a new feature called ‘Hype’, aimed at providing more community support to small content creators. This feature is being made available to viewers in select regions, allowing eligible creators to participate and benefit from the program.

The ‘Hype’ feature allows viewers in specific regions like Brazil, Turkey, and Taiwan to boost the ranking of a video by hyping it in addition to liking it. This means that videos receiving more ‘Hype’ will be ranked higher among videos published in the last seven days on the platform.

To be eligible for the ‘Hype’ program, content creators must be a part of the YouTube Partner Program and have less than 500,000 subscribers. Additionally, all videos must comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines to qualify for this program.

The introduction of the ‘Hype’ feature aims to provide greater community support to small content creators and help them reach a wider audience. By allowing viewers to boost the ranking of videos they enjoy, YouTube is creating opportunities for lesser-known creators to gain visibility on the platform.

While the ‘Hype’ program is currently in the testing phase and limited to a select group of creators, there is potential for it to be rolled out to more content creators in the future. YouTube continues to innovate and introduce new features to support its community of creators and viewers.

In addition to the ‘Hype’ feature, YouTube recently announced an experimental feature that allows users to post comments below videos to provide more context. This feature is currently available in English to users in the US, offering an easy way to add notes and explanations below videos.

Overall, YouTube’s ongoing efforts to support small content creators through features like ‘Hype’ and new comment options demonstrate its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive community of creators and viewers. As the platform continues to evolve, we can expect more innovative features and programs aimed at supporting creators of all sizes.

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